If Jesus Christ was Alive Today would he be a Trump Supporter?


Franklin Graham said he doesn’t think Donald J. Trump came to be president, “by mistake or by happenstance. I think somehow God put him in this position……. And I just have to think that God, in some reason, put him there for a purpose. I don’t know what that is, but we need to get behind him and support him.”

Like Jesus Christ President Donald J. Trump isn’t afraid to offend the wicked and we noticed this tonight.

Please press on this link to watch President Trump say,  “I don’t really care about offending (bad) people” 


Was the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgin’s main purpose to kill and destroy his own Irish people? His position first and foremost is to protect the Constitution and his people. Has he ever heard of, ‘Thou shall not kill’, if President Trump was handed the Abortion Bill to sign into law, we all know he would have refused to do so.

According to Niamh Horan’s Independent.ie article back in 2014, Michael D. Higgins, “declined to comment on his religious beliefs this weekend after he controversially made no mention of God in his annual Christmas message. A spokesperson at Aras an Uachtarain told the Sunday Independent it was, “inappropriate” to question the President on his spiritual views. The response comes after a week of disquiet and public dismay that the president omitted any mention of Christ in his televised public address to a nation that remains overwhelmingly Christian. This is the third year Mr. Higgins chose to make no mention of, ‘Christ’ or ‘Christianity’, in his annual address to the nation”.  Therefore this explains why he had no hesitation in signing the Abortion Bill into Irish Law. He will go down as an Irish President who has the blood of the innocence all over his hands that’s how he’ll be remembered.

How did Ireland end up with such an Anti-God President? So who is more Godlike, Michael D. Higgins or President Trump? If Jesus Christ had to choose between these two President’s he would choose President Donald J. Trump therefore if Jesus Christ was alive today, he would certainly be a Trump supporter.


  • I think Donald Trump was elected to counter evil , abortion,euthanasia, and communism our own president the exact opposite, Our Lord won The only question is by doing God will freely without a mortal sin can you spend an eternity with him, on the other hand the never ending burning of hell awaits those who mock and hate God. Unfortunately they think it is a cool night club with people like them, users and abusers .

  • I believe President Trump was sent by God. His powerful Christian message on the Power of prayer, to trust in God and his anti abortion beliefs are the ultimate values anybody can have and are so vital in our world today and so profoundly important especially to the youth. Sadly, President Ml. D Higgins holds no such values and should not be President in our Christian country.

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