Abortion will be overturned in Ireland in time. Statistics prove the Pro-Life Movement is Winning the Abortion Battle.

Our Irish Prolife movement is very strong and in time, The Abortion Chambers will be removed from our Beautiful Emerald Isle. We have, The American Prolife Movement on our side and that is very powerful.

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According to the Guardian, Nearly half of US states could limit abortion within two years. There are already two cases before appellate courts, one level down from the supreme court, that could give the country’s highest court an opportunity to limit abortion access as soon as June 2019.

If Roe v Wade was overturned, 24 US states would likely move to ban or severely limit abortion upon reconvening, at earliest within seven months of the supreme court’s decision.

If Roe v Wade was overturned, four states would automatically ban abortion
Mississippi, Louisiana, North Dakota and South Dakota, already have, “trigger laws”, or statutes that would automatically ban abortion if Roe v Wade were overturned.

However, across broad parts of America, the move would also likely prompt many other state legislatures to try to pass new laws to restrict abortion access. Those most likely to do so are those which have already enacted severe restrictions.

Press on this link to read Great News that Ohio has just banned dismemberment Abortions

If America can do it, Ireland can do it. We will soon get rid of all the Abortion Chambers in Ireland after all, we will never believe 66% of our own Irish people wanted, Child Murder to take place on our beautiful Emerald Isle. A majority of Prolifers believe the Irish Government Rigged this referendum result, only a small percentage of Doctors are willing to perform this Satanic Act. On a brighter note here are 46 Reasons why the Pro-Life Movement in both Ireland & America is Winning the Abortion Battle. This is Great news for, The Irish Prolife Movement. Don’t lose hope, Goodness will always Triumph. This is only the beginning, not the end.

Please press on this link to read Life News, 46 Reasons the Pro-Life Movement is Winning the Abortion Battle

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Sarah Louise Mulligan pictured here in front of a statue of Jesus Christ holding a rose. She is the CEO of www.irishwholovePresidentTrump.com 2018 was the most spiritual year of her life. Sarah Louise is enjoying having faith in her life & believes God helped and directed her throughout this year whilst she ran as Ireland’s only Prolife Presidential Candidate. One of the main reasons she put her self forward to run as a Prolife Presidential Candidate was to be a voice for the Unborn who are just about to be slaughtered in the new year on Irish Soil.

Sarah Louise also put herself forward to be a voice for the Vulnerable Elderly, who are being abused on a daily basis in their family homes by family members and so called, ‘Carers’, in Ireland. She was the only Presidential Candidate who said, she wouldn’t sign the Abortion bill into law had she became the President of Ireland due to the extreme barbaric nature of the bill. All the other Presidential candidates said they’d sign the Abortion Bill into law. Sarah Louise said she would have refused with every fibre of her being to sign the evil baby killing bill. The inhumanity of not giving the unborn pain relief before it’s sentenced to death in the mother’s womb is vile, evil and satanic. This is the pro choice’s way of admitting the unborn child is not a human being therefore it doesn’t deserve pain relief.

This is Ireland but not for long. We will continue to fight for the Unborn Babies. We are a sovereign nation. We are well aware of the government’s plan to control & depopulate us by 90% under Agenda 21. They plan on dividing & conquering us, ‘The Irish People’, by using old policies and that starts by killing-off the family unit.

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