All Prolife TD’s of Ireland have been emailed Individually by Prolife Presidential Candidate, Sarah Louise Mulligan. Let’s give the Prolife People of Ireland a choice on the Presidential Ballot Sheet. Fighting for a Fairer Democracy.

To the Honourable Prolife Members of the Oireachtas:

Sarah Louise Mulligan will wait patiently to hear back from all the people on this list in the hope she will receive just 20 Oireachtas Signatures, so that she can appear on the Presidential ballot giving Ireland more choice for a fairer and more balanced democracy.

Aindrias Moynihan
Barry Cowen
Bobby Aylward
Brendan Smith
Carol Nolan
Ciarán Cannon
Danny Healy-Rae
Dara Calleary
Declan Breathnach
Éamon Ó Cuív
Eamon Scanlon
Eugene Murphy
Frank O’Rourke
Jack Chambers
Jackie Cahill
James Lawless
Jim O’Callaghan
John Curran
John McGuinness
John Paul Phelan
Kevin O’Keeffe
Marc MacSharry
Margaret Murphy O’Mahony
Mary Butler
Mattie McGrath
Michael Collins
Michael Fitzmaurice
Michael Healy
Michael Lowry
Michael McGrath Fianna
Niamh Smyth
Noel Grealish
Pat Casey
Pat the Cope Gallagher
Peadar Tóibín
Peter Fitzpatrick
Seán Barrett
Seán Canney
Seán Haughey
Shane Cassells
Thomas Byrne
Willie O’Dea
Aidan Davitt
Brian Ó Domhnaill
Diarmuid Wilson
Gerry Horkan
Jennifer Murnane O’Connor
John O’Mahony
Paul Daly
Robbie Gallagher
Rónán Mullen
Terry Leyden
Tim Lombard
Paul Coghlan
Maura Hopkin

My name is Sarah Louise Mulligan, I’m Ireland’s only Real Prolife Presidential Candidate. I was asked would I sign the Abortion Bill by many councillors during my candidacy run in the chambers and I replied, I would send it back to the Supreme Court & under no circumstances would I sign an Abortion bill to kill innocent Irish unborn babies.
According to government documents, our electoral register has close to 1 million overstatements, beyond nine hundred thousand, but the media has failed for years to report these details.
We are in a Constitutional crisis.
I appeal to you to give me your Oireachtas signature as soon as possible so that the people of Ireland can have a choice on the ballot to vote for a Prolife President .The most militant of the “repealers”, have targets on all of your backs to remove you from office. So we the Prolife of People of Ireland need to stick together before were outnumbered by the extreme abortion worshippers.

Make no bones about it, they will be voting early and often, and on the same day against you. Only God knows what kind of backing and foreign funding will also be behind the push to remove you as well. The major parties have already proven, they do not have your back.

Irish democracy is on it’s death bed and it’s in your favour to give me your signature before Ireland becomes a slaughter house for every unborn child because if the minister for health and the Taoiseach get their way, abortion will be free for every woman, is that what you want for Ireland because I certainly don’t.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter,” said Martin Luther King Jr. Now for the sake of Ireland, we can no longer allow ourselves to be silenced on what matters most.
Many of you are under a party whip, but I do not believe you are whipping boys and girls. Rather, you are heroes and heroines who will do what is best for Ireland. I have great faith in you and you should also put your faith in me.
I am not what the media represents me as, however I have this advantage: I have been underestimated by my opponents. I encourage you to ring me and speak with me directly, about any concerns you may have about me.
Feel free to do your research on me:

Check out these links: Video’s of my recent Presidential Candidate meetings in the Irish Chambers all across Ireland and well written newspapers articles that represent me correctly.

Who is Sarah Louise Mulligan:

Who is Sarah Louise Mulligan?

Sarah Louise Mulligan sets the record straight about being abused by a Councillor in Dublin South City Council receiving two apologies the Councillor himself.

Presidential Candidate Sarah Louise Mulligan Sets Record Straight regarding what really happened in South Dublin County Council on the Niall Boylan Show

Prolife Presidential Candidate delivers a Presidential Speech in Co. Tipperary explaining that under no circumstances would she sign Abortion Bill if she were to become, The President of Ireland.

ProLife Presidential Candidate Delivers Speech in Tipperary County Council

Almost nominated in (Mayo I will have a whole chapter about this in my book) and Kildare

Possible Presidential Nomination for Sarah Louise Mulligan in Kildare

When I look at the political landscape, Ireland is in turmoil. This Emerald Isle, a crown jewel of the free world, must not be sold to the highest bidder whether that be billion dollar industries or foreign powers. Our corrupted electoral register makes us far too vulnerable.

It is, “the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland, and to the unfettered control of Irish destinies.” How can we know the will of the people of Ireland in regard to almost any of the problems our nation faces, when the Register is in shambles and vulnerable to interference? Our country could be in much better shape today.
I appeal to you today on behalf of Ireland & for the sake of democracy, to give me your Oireachtas signature and help to nominate me for the position of President of Ireland and also that the people of Ireland, and especially the Prolife People of Ireland, will not be disenfranchised, and will at least have a democratic option to elect a true Prolife Candidate as President if they so choose.

As one seeking to become Guardian of the Constitution, I’ll call for an overhaul of the Register of Electors. If you put me on that ballot, I will be given a platform and all of Ireland will hear what needs to be heard about this and I will also be a voice for you and your concerns.
Furthermore, if elected as a President citizen amongst citizens, I would demand accountability from our Government for the ordinary citizens of Ireland, of which I am one. I will speak for the ordinary citizens of Ireland.

I am well aware of the limited powers of the President. We do not have an executive President as in the United States. Instead, our President has a tiny, but key legislative role and is mostly ceremonial, however, the President is given the role of the, ‘Guardian of the Constitution.’ This, I take most seriously that’s why I want to protect our future generations, the unborn babies of Ireland because at the moment they have no voice as the liberal regime is truly and utterally taking over our beautiful humane country. Are you going to stand by and allow this?
The protection of our Constitution is a non-partisan issue.

I will fight for our Constitution & Republic, our democracy & duly elected officials, and the most vulnerable among us, especially the unborn, children and the elderly, with every last breath, and fibre of my being.
If not as President, then at least allow me, by putting me on the ballot, to bring attention to the issues the media has failed to cover. I am a voice for the voiceless both the young and the old, I will not be silenced and I will demand my voice is heard in Ireland until the day I die. I foe one will not give up on the People of Ireland.

These are the issues every Irish citizen should be well aware of, most of all the dire state of our electoral register, the very foundation of our democracy. I believe this is the root of most of the problems facing Ireland today, crimes of abuse whether it be children, elderly or anyone vulnerable, rising homelessness & violent crime, the housing & trolley crisis, scandals like cervical check, neglect of rural Ireland and the list goes on.
Many of these problems you’ve personally tried to solve in the Seanad or Dail but are often unable to, because of obstruction or lack of support. I simply point to the Register.

It’s a universal and undeniable truth no matter what country in the world, a corrupt register benefits corrupt policies and politicians most of all.
But you who want what is best for your constituencies, regardless of your party, become second best. Those committing voter fraud have never been more emboldened.

But I will be a bold voice for you, if, and only if you put me on the ballot.
You have now become both the first and last line of defence not only for the unborn but for the elderly too, but also for the Irish Republic, and what is left of our democracy. The Register must be overhauled, accurate and secured if not our democracy will die and evil will penetrate our Emerald isle.
If, and only if you put me on that ballot, I assure you, I can and will bring you victory. It is more difficult to rig a presidential election than, for example, a referendum.

After the last referendum, the ardent Prolife people of Ireland have vowed never to vote again for any pro-abortion parties or Presidential candidates. We must strike while the iron is hot all the people on the ballot were all willing to sign the Abortion Bill into Irish Law, let us not forget that, but from day one, I said publically I would not be prepared to sign a bill that ends the lives of millions of unborn Irish babies.

The Prolife vote is a sizeable part of our population, whether you see the last referendum as being rigged or not, and politically, the Prolife people have all but been abandoned. However, I don’t believe even half of Ireland voted to slaughter our unborn on Irish soil which I also publically stated this has also been published in many Irish newspapers.

Joanna Jordan has over 500 pages of new evidence that our courts refused to admit, altogether showing to what extent the referendum was rigged. She is a religious woman who takes her faith seriously, and she backs and endorses me 100% I will be accompanying her to the European Courts to prove the Irish Abortion Referendum was indeed Rigged.

So if you think Prolife communities would be slow to vote for me because I have a colourful past in the performing world of arts, think again. When they know who I am and what I’m about, they will back me. I guarantee it, and not only will they back me, but so too will the ordinary, everyday Irish men and women who are tired of our Irish Governments failures.

Prolife voters will be slow to vote for any pro-choice person on the Presidential ballot and that includes any soft, private “pro-life” candidate who alienates at least 700 thousand voters.

While pro-choice votes will be split amongst many other candidates, no one is bothering to take that (minimum) 34% of the vote and apart from myself, no one else realistically even has a chance because not even one of them on the Presidential ballot is unashamedly Prolife. They are all Liberals who welcome Abortion this is frightening and they call this democratic?

Additionally, because I don’t fit the mould of a stereotypical Prolifer, I also have mass appeal, and would pick up votes even from those who voted in favour of repeal. I’m also proof that anyone can be Prolife and I have the power to bring all kinds of people into the Prolife fold.
If we ever hope to have the electoral register corrected, it will be the Prolife People of Ireland who will make it happen. We are still a force not to be reckoned with.
The Prolife People of Ireland are the biggest threat to corruption in this nation, and this is one of the real reasons why you, Senators and Deputies, have been too often misrepresented, silenced and suppressed.

Now on to a much lighter subject: Marilyn Monroe.
It was Fakenews, the hype about myself greeting Donald Trump to the Aras as Marilyn Monroe was based on something, I originally said almost two years ago, while still working as a celebrity impersonator. Yet a few weeks ago, it was published as if I’d just said this in one particular recent interview. I confess, the media didn’t correct it, so I adopted it as a bit of a joke, and I assure you it was a joke. The Media like to spin and exaggerate things, I am no blonde bimbo. Highly educated as a matter of fact.

Although I would not be greeting President Donald J. Trump as, ‘Marilyn Monroe’, it would be my honour, as President of Ireland, to greet the President of the U.S.A. with a warm Irish welcome and the hospitality our nation is known for as, ‘Sarah Louise Mulligan’, Ireland’s youngest Prolife President.

Article 2 of our Constitution reads, “The Irish nation cherishes it’s special affinity with people of Irish ancestry living abroad who share its cultural identity & heritage.” We are a nation in a unique position, having a global Irish diaspora in the tens of millions, many more abroad than we have here at home. We have the potential to become a real global influencer.
To those who criticise, President Trump, we could best influence both American foreign and domestic policy as a cherished friend, not as an estranged enemy.

I will not only advocate for better relations with, but will directly improve relations with the international community, namely our strongest ally and the man called, The leader of the free world,” President Donald J. Trump, and the United States of America, home to over a third of the historic Irish diaspora. We should be mending these ties, not breaking them. As CEO of Irish Who Love President Trump, I’ve already proven I can connect with thousands,’ of our diaspora around the world.
One out of every ten Americans have Irish blood. I will remind America of the key contributions Irish have made to the U.S.A. and our special role in their history. An Irish Kennedy, is perhaps the most loved American President of modern memory.

I will advocate for the thousands of undocumented Irish living in America. I believe it would be very comforting for them to know that the President of the country their living in, is having a good relationship with Ireland.
When our fellow country men & women are working, paying taxes contributing to and enriching American society, and abiding by it’s laws, but live in fear of deportation, it tells me something.

We could really work on our friendship with America.
For better or worse, or future will be inextricably linked with the future of America. And when I look across the Atlantic, I see the abortion industry is threatened and therefore enraged because it’s time is short. President Donald J. Trump will soon be issuing indictments to a criminal industry, and there will be a ripple effect to hit our Island as he indeed defunded Planned Parenthood recently which I discussed in many of my Presidential Candidate Speeches across Ireland during my Presidential Candidate run.

History shows the true Irish spirit is not easily conquered. We are patient people, but enough is enough. The liberals have gone too far regarding legalising their Liberal Abortion on Irish soil. Ireland no longer feels like Ireland, whose side will you be on and will you be on the right side of history is the question?

The liberal mainstream media hasn’t reported accurately on me in several ways, I have asked for many retractions from well known newspapers. I have to make this clear. I’m a former burlesque performer. And I’m not currently a celebrity impersonator, but I’ll always be a perfoming artist. My background is in Humanities and I’ve recently been back to university to complete a masters in Entrepreneurship, business, innovation & enterprise. However, I can appeal to the every day Irish person, unlike most of the current Presidential candidates.

I may not be founder of Pieta House or a millionaire business dragon, but I am 100% Irish I’m also one of the few candidates who has actually lived all my life in Ireland.

The Ireland I envision as a future president, is an Ireland where both the young and the old can speak their minds without judgement. I want to see less bias in the media, where both sides are truly given platforms to voice their opinions. More healthy debates on TV is needed where people aren’t outnumbered or intentionally misrepresented, and are given relatively equal amounts of time to speak.

In my run for Presidency, I hope to inspire the nation to believe they can be anybody, they want to be & I am living proof of it.
Ireland is so beautiful, we have the most talented people living both here, and abroad. I want to celebrate Irish people. We all want someone to represent Ireland. Someone who can mend broken souls and broken hearts with words, followed by actions. Always be the Voice for those who can’t speak. ‘Humanity First’, is my platform, my Presidential campaign message first and foremost.

If you put me on the ballot, I will be speak up for the vulnerable both the unborn and the old and the voiceless. I’m a staunch Prolife activist and an advocate for the, ‘Prevention of Elder Abuse in a Domestic Situation’, I completed my psychology thesis on this. The vulnerable people of Ireland’s voices will be heard. They will not be silenced. If you put me on the ballot, your concerns as Honourable Deputies & Senators will be heard by all of Ireland, and not silenced.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I hope you will consider me for an a nomination. I believe our Republic lays in the hands of those who stand up for humanity.

Please feel free to contact me for any clarification regarding my policies, education and moral stances on being Prolife.

I’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions and I really hope to meet you in person as soon as possible so we can cause a victorious movement before it’s too late for both the vulnerable young and the old.

Warmest regards,

Sarah Louise Mulligan

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