Barry O’ Donovan says, President Donald J. Trump is, “Notoriously Thin Skinned”, on the 6 o’Clock, RTE News Tonight. I don’t think the Irish and American President Trump Supporters Would Quite Agree with you!


Sharon Tobin (RTE News Reader) “And Brian joins us now, Brian how damaging is all of this for the UK, USA relations?”

Brian O’ Donovon: “Well it is damaging Sharon and it comes at a crucial time for those relations, Britain needs a comprehensive Trade Deal with the USA when it leaves the EU and Donald Trump is clearly annoyed at all of this. He is of course notoriously, thin skinned he could have brushed off reporters questions about this last night but instead he choose to go on the attack, criticising Kim Darroch saying he wasn’t a fan of the British Ambassador and saying he hadn’t served the UK well. Britain today eating some humble pie the International trade secretary Liam Fox here in Washington for meetings saying he will apologise to Ivanka Trump he has described the leaking of these emails as unprofessional and unethical and malicious attempts to undermine US, UK relations the British Labour party also coming in on this evening. Emily Thornberry the shadow foreign secretary saying that clearly the case where Kim Darrock was deliberately hung out to dry and betrayed for simply doing his job of telling the truth. There is a belief out there that this information may have been leaked by Brexiteers who want to remove Kim Darroch and install their own man or woman here in Washington. Now in the past US President Donald Trump has said that he believes his friend Nigel Farage would make a good US Ambassador. Nigel Farage asked about this controversy today that he believes if Boris Johnson is the next Prime Minister and if the UK leaves the EU by October 31st, he said Kim Darroch people like him wont be around he was asked would he like his job, he said, I don’t think I would be particular good at that job become I’m not a diplomat however he said, I could be useful when it comes to dealing with the Trump administration”.



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