“Blood on your Hands”, a sign outside Áras an Uachtaráin today where a 1000 Crosses were placed to symbolise the amount of Unborn babies lives that will be taken by the Hitler Baby Murdering Regime on Irish Soil in 2019.

Please Press on this link to sign this petition: President Higgins, Please don’t sign this Horrible Abortion Bill

Higgins will delightfully sign, The Abortion Bill to kill our future generations with no pain relief. If only he decided to send it back to the Supreme Court due to the inhumanity of this barbaric bill and surrender his presidency by getting impeached so the real President, Peter Casey could stand forward. This would show that Higgins actually has a trace of humanity left inside of him but instead. We the people of Ireland, will have to suffer a government that has blood on their hands. The mainstream media will boast about the opening celebrations of the Unborn Killing Chambers in January, 2019. I wonder will they invite the Irish Pro-choice Celebrities to come along and maybe they could all view an Abortion together because they really proved their love for the procedure in Dublin Castle recently. The Pro-Choice Irish Celebrities really made it known that they cant wait for the sacrifice of the innocence. So it makes sense for them to come by and watch an Abortion live in Ireland and of course Higgins will have to cut the ribbon after they finish watching the Unborn child gasping for air, crying out loud, begging to be allowed to live. The Fine Gael Abortion Party can do more celebrating then and post more Victorious pictures on their Twitter accounts maybe a few crushed unborn skulls and hands might get the message across better. It will really show their true support for this Hitler regime. RTE (Repeal the Eight) Virgin Media and all mainstream newspapers could film it and broadcast it live, turning our Irish nation into a blood thirsty country, that gets a buzz out of killing our innocent babies for free on the medical card but in reality, the Tax Payers will be left footing the bill. So can we have another Referendum please? Give people the choice whether they want to pay tax for these future Abortion Procedures?


A very sad day for Ireland, this will open the flood gates to incest, under age sex, promiscuous behaviour and more rapes. Loss of control and chaos is on the way were some women will be used and abused. This will bring more dysfunctionality to Irish society for just a few minutes pleasure only which will end with years of Abortion regret and self sabotage. Women’s minds and bodies will never be the same again, their regret will drive them to suicide, illegal drugs & good decent men will miss out on Fatherhood. The botched Abortion horror stories are on the way and Ireland will never be the same again. Prepare yourselves were in for a bloody evil, psychological torturous ride where everyone will be affected by Ireland’s Newest Genocide.

In years to come, Abortion in Ireland could be over turned if our Prolife TD’s Politician’s, Doctors and Nurses continue to keep fighting this blood thirsty government that loves to reduce our Irish native population by replacing it with a foreign one, is of course, The Official Fine Gael’s 2040’s Plan.

We pray for the day when no more Baby Killing takes place on our Emerald Isle now that will be a day worth celebrating.

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