Bono invites Trump’s Supporters to attend his US tour but bans President Trump. That’s like banning Jesus Christ but welcoming his followers – Non-sense!

Bono has made headlines by banning President Trump from his US tour. However he has welcomed President Trump’s supporters, that’s like banning Jesus Christ but allowing his supporters to come along.

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Having spoken to many American friends who voted for President Trump, they openly disclosed that they will be boycotting Bono’s tour out of loyalty for their President. They have been U2 fans for many years but they were furious with Bono’s comments about their President whom they voted for.

“Trump’s supporters – the people who voted for Trump – are welcome at U2 gigs in America, but Donald Trump himself is not welcome at U2 gigs in America. I welcome his supporters. But him? I don’t want him here. A person like that,” says Bono.

My American friends went on to say, that they wouldn’t feel comfortable supporting an artist who doesn’t support their President. Another said that, “Bono is trying to keep in with the Hollywood Elite so that his daughter can make it as an actress”. “So it’s seen as the cool thing nowadays to follow the herd mentality by putting the President of America down”. “To have the President of America at your concert is an honor no matter what his polices are but to publicly ban him and invite his supporters along is pure hypocrisy”. Another words, “Bono still wants your money even though he doesn’t believe in your beliefs and who you voted for”. “It’s simply just a pure publicity stunt on his behalf, so people will go to his US tour”. “He’s doing himself an injustice at the end of the day as the majority of American citizens voted for President Trump therefore he has way more supporters than him, “he is being very disrespectful with his unkind words and this may have serious consequences”.

I personally come from Bono’s hometown Glasnevin and I grew up listening to his music and I always dreamt of being at one of his concerts, having had a dance off with him and, ‘The Edge’, in Lillie’s Bordello many years ago.  He was a gentleman and very friendly, he danced with me and my best friend for the night but out of respect for him, I treated him like a human being and didn’t get too close to him. I honestly can’t help but feel devastated by his banning comment. There’s a very good chance that President Trump might run for a second term and the people who disliked him and his policies from the beginning may start to change their minds as time goes by. After all, it’s still early days, 120 days to be exact.  I’m a big fan of the elderly and I’m hoping that the President will not cut the funding for, Meals on (3) - Copy Lets hope he will go back to the drawing board regarding this and the funding for HIV research, now that would be the sweetest thing.

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Written by Sarah Louise Mulligan.  Published 17.22 hrs, 19th of May 2017.









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