“Boris Johnson Is About Sloganeering & It’s Very Sad & Dispiriting That Someone Who Is So Pathetically Immature, An Odious Despicable, Deceitful, Shallow, Wilfully, Ignorant Individual Is Going To Be, The Prime Minister”, says Historian Diarmaid Ferriter on, The Tonight Show.


”Boris Johnson does not care a jot for Northern Ireland and there was talk there of the UK policy. The UK does not have a policy at the moment, they have a slogan and Boris is about sloganeering and it’s very sad and dispiriting that someone who is so pathetically immature an odious despicable, deceitful, shallow, wilfully, ignorant individual is going to be the Prime Minister that’s what we have to deal with and I would dispute your assertion as well that no body is disputing his intelligence, I’m disputing his intelligence, Boris Johnson is not intelligent to be a successful prime minister you need to be intelligent because you need to know, where you want to go and how your going to get there, Boris Johnson doesn’t know that and this talk about the energising UK and United the UK more bladder and the worry of course is that he is going to become a prisoner of his own bluster and his own arrogance and that there will be a crash-out but in relation to policy in relation to idea’s as to how you might fix this problem there is nothing in Boris Johnson’s career to date to suggest that he has had any kind of engagement with the Irish question. The DUP were very useful for different reasons for Boris Johnson in the midst of  what’s a distinctly English power game and he played that particular card but then is Jim is well aware of he was also prepared to vote for the withdrawal agreement when it suited him. Exactly, he toasted the checkered agreement before he resigned, so you have all of that and we’re well aware of all the inconsistencies and the hypocrisy and the deceit, but the question in relation to the balance of power and the numbers game when we’re talking about the impeding by election, the DUP’s time in the spotlight is likely to be short lived and indeed Boris Johnson could be very short lived Prime Minister. The old way of coming at it is to suggest that perhaps it will be different in that he will allow others try and make some kind of policy making or to try and formulate some kind of coherent response. But again there is nothing to to date that, that is going to happen but you have to understand this finally, is it good enough for an Irish government to maintain in this line, we will talk to a new British Prime Minister but we’re not budging ”. These are the words of Diarmaid Ferriter on, The Tonight Show, Tuesday the 23rd of July 2019.


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