Irish Who Love President Trump Hits, 45,000 Views. Celebrating America’s Greatest 45th President, Donald John Trump who is Prolife & Proud. It’s such a Pity Ireland doesn’t have a Prolife President.

Irish Who Love President Trump celebrates 45,000 views – Milestone


On this special day we reflect on President Trump’s sweetest speech for the Unborn.

Please Press on this link to watch one of the Sweetest Prolife Speeches ever by, The Leader of the Free World.

If only the People of Ireland had a Prolife President, Abortion would not be taking place now on Irish soil.

The 1st of January 2019, Will be a Day, We’ll Never Forget.

Higgins had the last say regarding signing Abortion into Irish Law but instead of sending it back to the Supreme Court due to the barbaric nature of the bill that refuses to give an Unborn Child pain relief whilst it’s limbs are being torn off, one by one in the womb with evil instruments of death & destruction, the unborn child will feel excruciating pain whilst it has no where to go for sanctuary. Now baring all this in mind Higgins still went ahead and signed the Abortion Bill into Law just five days before Christmas Day. The 20th of December is the feast day of Saint Dominic. (Dominic of Silos, O.S.B., (Spanish: Santo Domingo de Silos) (1000 – December 20, 1073). Dominic’s special patronage thus became connected with pregnancy, and until the establishment of the Second Spanish Republic in 1931, his abbatial crozier was used to bless the queens of Spain, and was placed by their beds when they were in labor.[1]

Press on the link below to watch a short video about St. Dominic of Silos. The patron saint of Pregnant Women, prisoners and shepherds.

We join our American Prolife Friends in spirit, whilst they march in the Prolife March for Life.

Press on the link to read about Joy Villa’s Beautiful Prolife Story

Press on this link to watch the 45th Annual March for Life. President Trump addresses campaigners & leaders.

If you are Pregnant and you need advice. Please contact Gianna Care as soon as possible.

Phone: (01) 532 2116

The Irish Prolife Movement is bigger than ever. Real friendships are blossoming on social media and in real life. Irish Prolife People will be constantly organizing peaceful protests, prayer meetings and vigils for the Unborn in every corner & county of Ireland. Nothing will stop them being the voice for, ‘Healthy Babies’, that will be murdered in the womb.

Sarah Louise Mulligan – The CEO of Irish Who Love President Trump challenged Colm O’Gorman, Executive Director of Amnesty International, Ireland on the human rights to life of the Unborn Child on Sky News last May during, The Abortion Referendum 2018.

Press on the link below to watch a snippet of the SkyNews Interview

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