Congratulations President Trump on your first 100 Days, Your not letting the worldwide bullies win.


President Trump supporters have watched Fox News religiously and have remained fascinated by all he has done for his country so far. Goodness always triumphs over evil and no better man to fight the bias media. He refuses to be in the company of those who disrespect him and all he stands for, a man who will only respect those who respect him. He doesn’t shake hands with those he dislikes and refuses to hide his feelings from the media. An honest soul who hasn’t stopped working for his people since his inauguration.

A man who has his own mind and wont be told what to do or think. He even decided to skip the White House correspondent’s dinner to hold a rally in Pennsylvania to thank those who remained loyal to him by putting him in the Oval Office, now that’s what I call a real boss and leader.

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Having met with a President Trump millionaire supporter recently all the way from New York, he told me that since the 9th of November, the US Stock Market has gained $2 Trillion in wealth since President Trump came into power. This will have a ripple effect on the Irish economy naturally. He has created a phenomenon 317,000 jobs in the USA. So I guess it’s safe to say that President Trump wont be taking American jobs out of Ireland any day soon, as some of the Irish media predicted this might happen.

The President has signed 66 executive orders, here are just some of them, Enforcing regulatory reform, Protecting Law enforcement, Rebuilding the Military and Building a Border Wall. One of the biggest accomplishments President Trump has successfully achieved within the last 100 days is cleaning up the economic mess the democrats left.

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President Donald J. Trump studied Economics at the University of Pennsylvania and with all the successful deals he has made regarding building his business empires, he refuses to give the democrats and the media permission to block him as he keeps fighting back. He is the wealthiest US president and he promises to fight Fake News and if that means setting the record straight on Twitter so be it. He has tweeted 387 tweets since he has become the President of America.

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President Trump believes in the ideology that whistle blowers should have the right to come forward and report corruption in jobs or institutions without the fear of being ridiculed to hatred or having their jobs terminated unfairly. If only Ireland followed suit, people wouldn’t have to live with evil in the workplace by being forced to turn a blind eye to all they witness. They are now being taken seriously and are protected from the politics and dynamics that goes on in the workplace. Therefore, change can happen and the work environment may no longer be a place of silent suffering.  


There is no doubt that the star of the TV show, ‘The Apprentice’, isn’t a controversial figure but isn’t it refreshing to have a President that speaks his mind? He’s a people’s person and has promised to keep his campaign promises and that includes fighting the bullying that goes on in social media. The media pretend to be objective but deep down their trying to sabotage and destroy President Trump’s presidency. They wont give up until they see President Trump step down but they might have to wait another 8 years in total. So sorry Matt Cooper, we must bare in mind if America fails, the whole world fails and that includes Ireland. I hope you were thinking of the undocumented Irish when you were making that documentary? Maybe you might like to make a new unbiased documentary about the Irish who actually support President Trump as opposed to the Irish who dislike, The President of America. I’d be very happy if you included snippets of my interview on, The Six O’ Clock show – TV3, Joe Duffy and Radio Nova as well as many newspaper articles. You could also include some vox-pops asking Irish people if they think President Trump has been successful in his first 100 days? It might just make your next documentary more fair and balanced.

There’s no point spending the rest of President Trump’s presidency being negative and biast towards him, lets encourage the democrats and the republicans to head back to the drawing board to make a better Health Care and Tax reform for all Americans. Like Matthew McConaughey said, “It’s now time for us to embrace President Trump”.

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Image: Courtesy of the Sun Newspaper

Written by Sarah Louise Mulligan. 29th of April, 15:48 pm. Dublin, Ireland.

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