Disgraceful, A Well-Known Political Show discussing Love Island when Leo Varadkar should be on the, Virgin Media Panel Apologising to the Irish Nation for his Hateful Anti-Catholic Comment against Priests – Anything to keep the Public Dumbed Down.



Please press on the link to hear this insincere apology by Leo Varadkar

The people of Ireland don’t accept your apology Leo Varadkar you have successfully spread your Communist Agenda by breaking up the Irish traditional family values. You were not elected by the people of Ireland, you were planted to destroy Ireland which you have successfully done with your offensive, Nazi Liberalism. I hope your happy with yourself, you would never see the leader of the Free World, President Donald J. Trump insult Catholicism, it’s now time to stand down, you have no respect for Christian Values all that our Constitution and our country is built on.



Oh Wait, hold on a second – We do!


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