Ireland meet Luke O’Connor (21) a Proud President Trump Supporter who Studies Politics in D.C.U.

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Luke O’Connor (21) attended the Irexit Conference in the R.D.S. in Dublin last Saturday the 3rd of February 2018. Whilst he studies Media and Politics in Dublin City University. He doesn’t hide the fact that he is a Conservative.

Irexit Conference, R.D.S. Dublin.

Luke explains, “I have a political affinity for many political and journalistic figures who would be considered idiosyncratic such as Roger Stone, Nigel Farage, Jacob Reese Mogg, Milo Yiannopolus and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon”. “I have a close ideological ties to Breitbart news, who have rose to international prominence with the Trump campaign after former Breitbart, CEO Steve Bannon became the Trump Campaign chairman”. “Issues like immigration, sovereignty and job creation, particularly low skilled jobs in manufacturing matter to me”. “In this way, I see myself as an, ‘Economic nationalist’. “However, after Trump’s emergence when memorably descending the golden escalator”. “I became more and more intrigued at a man who was a New York billionaire enjoying such a symbiotic relationship with the ordinary hard working Americans or the forgotten men and women as President Trump described them. Whose jobs had gone to Mexico, Europe and Asia as the ever increasing globalisation which the Democrats in America seem intent on encouraging set in”. “This happened as Trump skillfully used messaging such as twitter and his use of simple language to speak to these ordinary Americans in a way that politicians usually can’t”.

“I would sit up at night watching debates and rallies becoming ever more convinced I was witnessing a political revolution”. “So much so that I had significant bets placed on the President to win Ohio at 2/1 which I found amazing, considering he was even winning the aggregate including fake and unfavourable polls in the state”. “As well as placing a similar stake on him winning the election outright “.

“In the aftermath of the election, I watched with interest, provoking reactions on Twitter with raging leftists who couldn’t understand my vocal prediction beforehand and didn’t enjoy my gloating after the election”.


” I enjoyed the inauguration immensely, having drinks with friends sporting dinner jackets and Trump’s Make America Great Again caps in Kilkenny”. “I then trawled through Trump’s Cabinet and White House staff appointees”. “Then obviously, I saw the firing of Bannon and resignation of Dr. Sebastien Gorka as possible setbacks to the agenda, but the President continues to deliver on his agenda”. “Tax reform benefiting the middle class, his hostility towards North Korea engineering peace talks, the nomination of Gorsuch to the supreme court”. “His take down of the NFL in relation to standing for the anthem, the installation of the temporary travel ban and the huge decrease in illegal immigration to name but a few”. “I have continued to advocate for the President as well as becoming increasingly interested at the possibility of Ireland’s withdrawal from the European Union”. “Trump himself has been strong in his repudiation of the EU, famously predicting Brexit in a Piers Morgan interview”. “You can see the similarities with the populism of Trump and the ideological connection with Brexit and indeed our own Irexit”. “They all involve taking back control from bureaucratic elites and placing power in the hands of the people again”. “This would ensure the protection of jobs, allowing Britain and Ireland lower corporation taxes further like Trump has put in place rather than being at the behest of an un-elected EU Commission who seem to revel in setting tariffs, obstructions to trade outside the EU and intent on flooding the continent with migrants. “All of which would be anti-Trump rhetoric “.

“As for now, I am watching intently as Trump and indeed other members of this anti globalist movement battle the mainstream media and academia for control of the narrative surrounding how best to ensure prosperity for all “.


How do you feel about Conservatives speaking at Irish Liberal universities?

“Regarding Conservative speakers, I’m all for any speakers coming to the college, with no disruption or protest. “I’m a libertarian and I think Farage himself was a fervent disciple of J.S. mills in his school days, we believe in free speech as a fundamental right “.


Would you think about starting a D.C.U. Conservative Student Club for like minded students who share the same views as you?

“As for starting a Conservative Student club in D.C.U. I am against contributing to D.C.U. in any way other than getting my degree, just because I don’t think taxpayers money should be used to fund colleges, which are essentially homogeneous liberal factories which produce graduates who think about politics in a one dimensional way “.

So what’s Student Life like as a Conservative on Dublin City University Campus?

“I am all too aware as a college student how many people are in a sense brainwashed by certain people in academia who seem intent on pushing what I believe to be a false narrative on many issues close to my heart”. “I constantly endure endless lectures of,’Trump Bashing’, from lecturers and mostly mature students who seem intent on de-legitimising a presidency which has been hugely successful in producing concrete change to, “The Swamp”, in Washington. When you tell people you’re, ‘Pro-Trump or a Euro Sceptic’, they look down on you intellectually”. “However, I tend to smile through any awkward encounters, knowing that it was this arrogant attitude towards Trump voters (or Hillary’s Deplorable’s) which helped to get him elected in the first place”. “Don’t get me wrong, I embrace confrontation on issues, but only when needed”. “I get nothing from people who do not understand (or more accurately, want to understand) the Trump supporter”. “Being a counter cultural figure doesn’t bother me, I like to be considered a bomb thrower, Someone who doesn’t care much for intellectualism or elitism and really doesn’t mind being hated in some quarters of society “.


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Interviewed by Sarah Louise Mulligan. Wednesday, the 7th of February 2018.

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