Irish Citizens refuse to be known as a country of Baby Killers

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100,000 people took to the streets of Dublin both young and old, to prove to the government that Ireland is in favour of keeping the Eight Amendment that protects both mother and child. The people of Ireland are no longer prepared to suffer unfair media bias during the run up to the referendum. The Irish media does not represent their views and they will continue to fight the liberal media bias, through canvassing by social media with force. Niamh Uí Bhriain is an Irish pro-life activist and a family values campaigner she said, “the aim of the protest was to say no to abortion in Ireland”.

Sarah Louise Mulligan from Dublin, explained that some women who decided to abort their unborn children in the past, were never told about the possible physical and mental effects of abortion. Sadly, they have had to live with the regret of going into a abortion facility with a child alive inside their womb, only to come out with the reality that they’ve just given a stranger the permission to stop their child’s heartbeat. Which unfortunately leaves women with devastating mental anguish causing them to self destruct by overdosing on prescribed medication or turning to alcohol to drown out their pain and in worst cases. They may revert to illegal drugs to kill their physical, mental and emotional pain. Some of Sarah Louise Mulligan’s closest friends have confessed to her, that they feel like, ‘murderers’, for allowing this procedure to invade their bodies and if they could turn back time, they wouldn’t have made the decision to terminate their pregnancy at any stage. They are hoping their sad journeys will help educate young women about the destruction that abortion causes to both, the woman and the child. However, Joy Villa is an adamant President Trump supporter and a Pro-Life activist who wished Sarah Louise Mulligan all the best with the march in Dublin on Twitter, she said, ‘March on beautiful sister. Joy decided that she would allow her child to be adopted and abortion was never an option for her. She gracefully wore a stunning Pro-Life dress to the Grammys recently.


During the march, Sarah Louise Mulligan and her good friends stopped to talk and feed a homeless man called, ‘Eddie’. He told them, he had six sisters and none of them would have ever dreamt of aborting their children and they all believe abortion is wrong. Eddie also said that he doesn’t believe in abortion and the feelings of the man should be taken into consideration when a woman decides to have this procedure carried out. He said,’ men should also have a right to say whether or not their child should be aborted and they should be asked to give a signature in the clinic if they consent to having their child aborted. A man should have a voice in this too. Eddie urged that it should be put on record, if they didn’t want their child aborted. He believes it shouldn’t be solely all left up to the woman to make the decision to terminate the pregnancy after all, it does take two to make a baby. Maybe if this method was brought in, women and men might think twice about having unprotected sex and use precautions like the pill and condoms.


John Waters most POWERFUL ProLife Irish 🍀 video. This is certainly worth watching, be prepared, this will give you shivers up and down your spine. This video will change how you view abortion for the rest of your life. Highly recommended.

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