Irish who Love President Trump Welcomes #TrumpTV Goodbye Fake News. 

It is with great joy and happiness, I share this amazing news with you all. President Trump now has his own media platform called, TrumpTV which has gone live on his Facebook page under the name, Donald J. Trump. Having received over 1 Million views so far, it’s safe to say the Republicans are loving this exciting way of delivering real news. Fake news will come a thing of the past as the public now have a choice to switch off the fake news networks.

Not only is this an exciting journey for all those involved including Lara Lea Trump an American television host, television producer who campaigned for President Trump. We get to see the beautiful talented Political Commentator & Performing Artist Joy Villa present the real news. No better woman for the job. Joy Villa caused immense controversy when she wore the Make America Great Again Dress at the Grammys. Her album immediately shot to number one on iTunes and Amazon beating Beyoncé, Adele & Lady Gaga. She has now joined the Trump Campaign Advisory Board. There is no stopping this colourful woman, full of energy with a captivating aura, raising three million dollars for the victims of Hurricane Harvey with the former PussyCat Doll, Kaya Jones who released a music video called, ‘What the Heart Don’t know’. A soulful ballad sung from the heart as she watches her army partner pack his suitcase as he leaves their happy home to fight in the war. This music video was directed by Ryan R. Williams and produced by Chrystal Neria.

Joy Villa and Kaya Jones have known each other for years and are happy to openly express their support for President Trump, despite the left wing Hollywood agenda. Their friendship has blossomed and have become very close because of their likeminded views politically and artistically. They refuse to allow the toxic left wing rhetoric & fake news interfere with their Pro-Trump agendas. They continue to hold their heads high, knowing that over 63 million people are also on the Trump Train.

Thankfully these powerful women have opened the floodgates for all those Americans who are oppressed by the left. This includes Hollywood directors, producers & actors who are too afraid to voice their political preference in fear of losing work or becoming unpopular in their circles.

For anyone who would like to donate to Mercury One, a Humanitarian Aid and education organisation focused on restoring the human spirit, please free to help the American citizens who’ve been affected by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey.

Written by Sarah Louise Mulligan, 6.45 pm, 24th September 2017. Dublin, Ireland.

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