Is President Trump being too sympathetic towards white supremacists? Sarah Louise Mulligan gives her opinion on the radio show, Ulster 105.8FM.

Yesterday morning, I was lucky enough to be able to give my opinion on the Ulster 105.8 fm radio show on whether President Trump is being too sympathetic towards the white supremacists? I opened the show with, “I’m a big fan of Fox News and President Trump is saddened by whats going on in Charlottesville”. “President Trump is a maverick, he doesn’t play by the rules and he speaks his own mind”. “Over sixty tree million people voted for President Trump and he has condemned both sides for their wrongful behavior”. “President Trump isn’t happy with all the hatred that’s going on in America”. “If we look at our own country who are we to judge? “We discriminate, were racist, were very hateful towards Travellers and that hatred is allowed to go on in our society”. Remembering, The Carrickmines Tragedy were innocent Travellers perished whilst they slept, an Irish Shame an inhumane tragedy that will never be forgotten. Thomas Connors, 27, Sylvia Connors, 25, Jim, 5, Christy, 3 and Mary, five-months-old. Willie Lynch, 25, Tara Gilbert, 27, Kelsey, 4, and Jodie, 9. Tara was four months pregnant at the time of her death. Jimmy Lynch, 39. He was Sylvia and Willie’s brother. Rest in peace. Now where is the love for humanity and why are people refusing to show empathy for the loss of these innocent lives and why is there still so much hatred towards Travellers? We have to stop this discrimination, were all human at the end of the day. Therefore, public safety is at risk in Ireland as well as America.

Here’s an update of the Carrickmines tragedy and how these Travellers live with the trauma of losing their loved ones.

Survivors of fatal Carrickmines fire disaster tell of emotional turmoil at moving back to site where their loved ones died

One of the organizers of Charlottesville whom I mentioned on the show who’s a far right blogger wanted a peaceful protest but was pushed against barriers violently. I was asked by the presenter was Jason and the President Trump working hand in hand? I replied, “of course not”. “President Trump is horrified with this inhumane behavior, nineteen people were injured and one woman died”.

The controversial statue of the planned removal of Robert E. Lee who seemly eradicated slavery during the civil war was the main theme of the riot. Was it an excuse to cause a protest or not? Having been honored in, ‘The Dukes of Hazard’, some people will argue, those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. So the statue was simply a reminder of history that was made during the civil war. Some people agreed that the statue should be removed in order to change with the times. If there was no statue, or if the statue was left alone would this protest and violence still have occurred? President Trump is being very diplomatic and is remaining in the middle ground as he can’t be perceived to be taking sides, he must remain mutual. He’s in a very difficult situation and no matter what he says or does, the main stream media will continue to blame him for these protests. He has condemned the horror and sadly the left believe he is still being very hesitate with his comments and this is because he is awaiting all the facts of the Charlottesville riots to be put in front of him.


Personally I enjoyed the interview, I tried not to interrupt my opposition, having a qualified schoolteacher Frank Mitchell present the show, I felt very comfortable and at ease even though there was two against one, the two ladies and I had a peaceful debate. We were all given equal amount of time on radio and there was no direct arguments.

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At the end of the day we can not accept discrimination in our society. President Trump wants to see his country become one, he will continue to condemn all hate. He says,” there is no place for any kind of violence in America”, and that should be enough for the Democrats. President Trump doesn’t want religion or political parties to take over America, he simply wants to put America first. He also wants,” people to respect one another, love one another and cherish one another”. I was lucky enough to have the final say on the radio show, having waited patiently for the other ladies to finish. I concluded with, “I really enjoy reading President Trumps tweets because he uses twitter as a platform to set the record straight and to voice his opinions. He’s a great communicator, leaving no stones unturned as he directs and reverts the media to report on the issues, that he thinks are important & in my eyes, that’s what I call, a True Leader.

If you would like to listen back to the show, please feel free to click on this link.

Written by Sarah Louise Mulligan. Glasnevin, Dublin. Tuesday 15th of August. 20:00


    • Hi Stephen, thank you so much for your comment. The reason why I decided to make this website was to educate the Irish about the Real President Trump. I know the citizens of Ireland aren’t stupid and they see that some of the mainstream media are lying to them regarding all the goodness he does that simply doesn’t get reported in the media. If we had someone like President Trump running our country, I believe people would learn to respect each other alot more, unemployment and crime would no longer be an issue and people would generally feel less fearful and more hopeful. There is alot of depression in our country and it’s not our fault. Had we someone in office to help are economy become strong again, there would be less suicide & instead of the rich looking after the rich rubbing each others shoulders, maybe the poor could be helped by the rich in time. It is our responsibility and duty to give back to those who are less well off. People are still living on the breadline and are being suppressed by the greedy elites. We have lost confidence in most of the politicians here in this country, we need someone to love our country enough so that the vulnerable no longer feel vulnerable whilst they go to their beds at night feeling unsafe and scared. There is something very beautiful about a President who wants to keep his own county safe. President Trump is a genius and a entrepreneur, therefore people need to educate themselves about this man by reading, ‘The Art of the Deal’, this man cares about people who commit suicide, he cares about the homelessness and has done so much work for the inner cities in America. If Irish people only realized the size of this mans heart, there would be less judgment. People need to learn to stop following the herd mentality IE the mainstream media and grow a brain of their own. President Trump will help to eradicate hate, racism and stop discrimination in time and hopefully Ireland will follow suit.

  • Stop watching Fox Propaganda!! Trump is a blatant liar. He is a bully, an egomaniac, a misogyinist and a borderline racist. Shame on you for being so ignorant and gullible. The damage he is doing to society and an our environment is devestating. Please educate yourself. I am embarrassed for you Sarah. AND STOP WATCHING FOX!!! (it’s like watching North Korean state television for your info!!)

    • No one tells me what to watch Ruairi, Cheers for your message. I have my own mind and so does President Trump, we won’t be controlled by any one 😉 Oh & for the record I’m highly educated 😌

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  • I have a mother, a wife, sisters and nieces..never would I disrespect women the way your idol does! I believe in absolute equality for women.

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