• Welcome to Ireland President Trump, its an honour to have you visit our country. You know how good you are and so do we. We love you! MAKE IRELAND AND AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  • The people coming through your southern border is not immigration it is an invasion agreat man is stopping it Pelosi and her democrats want abortion up to and including time of delivery you are stopping it The bankers are out to make trillions out of this global warming religion you are not falling for it The Clinton’s tried to beat you by paying for lies on Russia you beat them. The politized FBI CIA tried to frame you but you beat them. The main stream media has reported fake news on you to run you down but you are beating them and they do not like it. You have been called a rasist and you are not. You have stood up to Chinese elegal trade no other leader dared to do this. You stand for America first and you keep your word. You make election promises and you try to keep them unlike most other political hacks. You have your country booming. You have your people working. You have unfarely sentenced black fathers coming out of gaol You have given black children a chance of college and hope. You have taken a large unfair NATO burden off the US tax payer and put it where it belonged You are the best thing that has ever happened to the USA May you prevail over the international deep state globalist. And the American deep state criminals May you incarcerated the cabal that has tryed to destroy you. May you live long. May you distroy your opposition 2020. May you end the election fixing And may you keep up the good work. Thank you

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