Meet the woman behind the, ‘Make America Great Again,’ Movement.


It is with great pleasure, I introduce this extraordinary woman to the people of Ireland. I absolutely jumped out of my skin when Joy Villa agreed to allow me publish this article. This miraculous, big hearted, kind, thoughtful, woman has opened the floodgates for millions of people and is responsible for creating the greatest humanitarian movement in America. She used her beautiful, strong, bold, creative, talented aura to let people know that we have a human right to support the President of America, Donald J. Trump and one must not be ridiculed to hatred for doing so. Her message was loudly received when she wore the MAGA dress at the Grammys recently. Plenty of people left messages on Twitter, thanking her for her brave decision to wear the (Make America Great Again) Aka MAGA dress as they believed this was exactly what America needed.

Joy Villa wanted to stop the bullying by mainstream media and believed there shouldn’t have to be a division between the Democrats and Republicans because most people really want to see America flourish, no matter who is in, The White House. She believes that every human being has the right to be vocal about their political views and shouldn’t have to remain silent. She didn’t allow the Hollywood celebrity elite to interfere with her political beliefs, even though she’s a performer and spends time in Hollywood that didn’t put her of going against the grain because she’s believes there’s lots of silent President Trump supporters in Hollywood too. She refused to stay silent for her support for President Trump and her bravery has paid off.

Having made lots of TV appearances on Fox News, Info Wars and many more shows, she is now preparing for a ABC interview, quite frankly there is no stopping this colorful, angelic well spoken woman. She has a fire burning deep in her soul to Make America Great Again and is adamant to spread peace & love politically through her music. No wonder why her album, ‘Make the Static’, shot to No 1: on iTunes.

So far her brave bold decision to wear the MAGA dress has opened so many doors for her. We hope to see a Hollywood blockbuster movie made about her life soon if not we’d love to see her on the red carpet having played a lead role in an award winning movie, this would help to break the left wing hollywood narrative. For those who feel they have to remain silent about their love for President Trump will soon be a thing of the past.

Ultimately she is the voice for those who are too frightened to admit they support the new President. Over 63 million people voted for the President of America therefore FakeNews must respect the millions of people who voted for their new POTUS.

It’s safe to say that Joy Villa will be forever loved for breaking down the barriers regarding the love for President Trump worldwide. We also hope that President Trump invites her to perform in, The White House soon as for most performers that would be, The American Dream.

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Written by Sarah Louise Mulligan, Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland.  22nd of July 2017.hb


    • Thanks Tony Pacino & you’ll always have my support, you were the man who introduced me to America and I will always be grateful to you for that. You changed my life, opened my eyes to the 🌎 and saved my soul. Thank you, Big Hugs from Sarah Louise Mulligan 🇮🇪🇺🇸❤️

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