• If President Trump was as bad as the Democrats keep saying he is, he would still be a saint compared to any one of the people who voted to remove the right to life of the most vulnerable of all: babies in the womb. For that alone, he has redeemed himself. He also happens to be doing a great job to make America habitable again (possibly even prosperous and, yes, great) for the people who were left behind by the Democrats. His policy on the Mexican Border is the policy of any responsible householder who seeks to keep the threshold safe from trespassers; the Democrats and their cheerleaders are blatantly hypocritical in their condemnation of President Trump for refusing to open the Border to all and sundry – it is they who have blood on their hands, for encouraging people to endanger their children to cross into a country illegally. Mexico also needs to accept blame for having such an uninhabitable country that people are literally willing to risk their children’s lives to get into the USA. Regarding Trump’s alleged misogyny: he said a naughty word, unlike Clinton and his execrable wife who destroyed the reputation of a young woman (Mrs Clinton also represented rapists in court, savaging their victims – check that out #MeToo supporters). Compared to the Clintons, President Trump is a feminist.

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