• Lucky for America to have such a wonderful president! Pity we dont have as good in Ireland. Quite embarrassing for us really.

    • Hi Angela, I agree 100% with you, imagine a President signing the death warrant of his own people 👶 with no hesitation. The President is meant to be humane & his duty is to protect, The Constitution instead we have a President who’s great friends with evil people who want to destroy our country by bringing Abortion to our beautiful land. Every dog in the street knows, The Abortion Referendum Result was Rigged, we’re being replaced with outsiders, whilst young women are pressurized into killing their Irish babies for free, The Irish will be a minority soon if we don’t fight back & replace this Inhumane government of ours. If we stay Silent they win & the vicious cycle continues. I will be happy when every Abortion Mill is removed from our Beautiful Motherland, Ireland.

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