Our beautiful First Lady of the United States of America, Melania Trump delivers a powerful speech about Female Empowerment.


Having read septic articles published by some of the Irish media mostly written by jealous women over the last few months accusing Melania Trump of not doing her First Lady duties was scandalous. At the time the First Lady was doing her mother duties and making sure her son finished off his school term as there was no point in up rooting him from his normal routine. Melania will continue to stay true to her word by fighting online bullies and she will empower women worldwide by her beautiful elegant way of communication.

Melania Trump is a natural born leader, she is married to another natural born leader President Donald J. Trump and together they are a power couple, despite the media printing articles saying she is very unhappy in her new role. Behind every good man is a good woman and if that isn’t enough for the media to swallow, well I personally don’t know what is? She is a woman in her own right, who hasn’t been afraid to be sexy in the past and will continue to be sexy for the next few years. A woman that showed off her body in a classy way and wasn’t ashamed of expressing her femininity which won the heart of the American President as he allowed her to do a sexy raunchy photo shoot on his private jet. That in itself has liberated women to be sexy and intelligent. This woman has opened the flood gates for women worldwide to openly express themselves and that indeed is to be admired. Not only is the First Lady comfortable in her own skin, she speaks several languages and walks with such confidence. This is not to be envied but to be celebrated by women all over the world.

Just click on the link here to see a YouTube video of  Melania Trump giving her speech: The Time for Empowering Women is Now

We should thank Melania for being herself. Having delivered a powerful speech on celebrating heroic women, she says that we should, continue to fight injustice in all its forms and it’s now time to empower women all over the world. “The time is now”, she urges us all. “As leaders we must continue to work towards gender empowerment”. She reminds us we are all apart of the human race, therefore we must stand up and fight evil in our families, in our jobs, in our community and in our society. We as women should empower one another, instead of tearing one another down, why not lift one another up?

Having had a recent meeting this week, I was surprised by a woman in power who constantly dominated, interrupted me and even began a separate conversation twice with another person, trying to deflect the seriousness of my conversation. She constantly smirked with demonic distrustful eyes playing devils advocate with all I had to say, trying her up-most best to throw me of the points I was trying to make. She even rudely left the meeting early. I got a very bad vibe of her. I was nearly going to pull her up on her disgusting behavior during the meeting but I choose to bite my tongue instead. The funny thing about her, she was there to help me, yet all she did was hinder my meeting that I waited patiently several years for. As a result of this, she didn’t empower me whats so ever and wasn’t on my side, I was devastated by her inhumane, unsympathetic, unnatural attitude.

Therefore Melania Trump’s speech brought me back to a presentation I gave for a, ‘Community Leadership’, module I completed as part of my Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Humanities last year in St Patrick’s College, D.C.U. in Drumcondra. I began with all the characteristics of what made a good leader including Irish T.D.’s such as Charlie Haughey, Enda Kenny. I also included the lovely Mary Robinson, Mother Teresa, Michael O’ Leary as well as the evil leader, Adolf Hitler. I finished my presentation urging women to empower one another, listen to one another and stop being jealous and seeing one another as a threat. Learn from one another, a real woman doesn’t compete with another woman by dominating her, she simply helps her to reach her full potential.

I personally look forward to watching Melania Trump do as much goodness as her husband intends to do for the American people and if that entails bringing the Democrats and the Republicans back to the drawing board so they can work together to make America great again concerning the new health reform, so be it. I believe the next fours years will be adventurous and entertaining because we all want a system were everyone prospers.

Please feel free to check out my Community Leadership Presentation as a student in St. Patrick’s College, D.C.U. Drumcondra. Just click on the link here.

Sarah Louise Mulligan gives a presentation about Community Leadership for her Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in St. Patrick’s College, Dublin City University, Drumcondra. Having had her heart set on becoming a primary school teacher she has now fallen in love with politics. She finishes her presentation urging all women to empower one another.

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