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  • I agree. I’m grateful Trump will stand up to all the leftist abuse and see through their lies to do what we all need done

  • Agree completely. Trump had no self interest or special interest behind him either financially or with moral support in seeking the presidency. It is plain to me that he did it to help the country he loves. I was taken back by the radio commentators reaction to mentioning FOXNews. What they cannot see from where they are sitting in Dublin is that only on FOXNews can you find out what is really going on in the US. The other outlets are either herd mentality driven or just blatantly biased in their whole approach and not reporting fair and balanced news. We call it the liberal news bubble.

    • Hi Jay, That’s exactly it. that’s one of many reasons why I choose to make the website because of people watching the wrong news networks in Ireland. Fox News is the news the President likes and it’s always the first to deliver his up and coming movements from the White House so I can’t understand why the Irish media refuse to watch that channel it doesn’t make sense to me, that they would much rather watch bias news channel’s. Yes, unfortunately this is the reality of what I’m up against in my own country, I was lucky enough that they even gave me a platform to begin with as it’s all very one sided here. Please ask your friends to sign my petition

      Thank you for your comment it means alot because it’s all the truth.

      • Hi Sarah, Can’t tell you how delighted I am to get your reply. I so admire your courage and convictions and that you are standing up so strong in the midst of a virtual media wasteland. I will pass this on to my friends including my cousin who is like my brother. His name is Patrick Gormley which is my mother’s maiden name. He is 100% Irish and due to our common grandfather being born in Ireland, got an Irish passport several years ago. He also visited where gramps came from and met all our Gormley relatives. You sound like so much fun as a person and smart and cute if I might say. I am a product of 16 years of Catholic education with 8 of those with Jesuits. The result is that, due to surviving very strict nuns starting a age 5 and Jesuits fathers after that, nothing can scare me!

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