Sarah Louise Mulligan a Pro-life Presidential Candidate and Ireland’s No: 1 President Trump Supporter has announced her Political Run for the Local Elections.

SLM 050 (1) - EditedSarah Louise Mulligan debated Amnesty International’s Director, Colm O’ Gorman on Sky News during the Abortion Referendum. Although she is a staunch Pro-life Activist for the Unborn,  she is also a voice for the vulnerable Elderly. She went into Dáil Éireann to highlight the seriousness of this silent crime of our twenty-first century, ‘ Elder Abuse in a Domestic Situation’. She brought this to the attention of Fianna Fail Senators Colette Kelleher and Mary Butler. She was very thankful when Colette Kelleher introduced the Adult Safeguarding Bill in 2017. Then later on, Independent TD Deputy Mattie Mc Grath pushed to make, The Elder Abuse Bill one step closer to becoming law. Sarah Louise welcomes the protection of both the Unborn and the Elderly and believes the State must become involved immediately to vindicate and protect these rights from the moment of conception right up to the final hours of death.

Sarah Louise Mulligan ran as Ireland’s only real, genuine, Pro-Life presidential candidate last year. She was the only presidential candidate who said, she wouldn’t sign the Abortion bill into law when asked by the media if she were to become, The President of Ireland. The rest of her fellow presidential candidates even the ones who claimed to be Pro-Life said they’d have no issues with signing the extreme Abortion bill into law in order to become, The President of Ireland. Sarah Louise used her platform to highlight many social issues by giving a voice to the Unborn, the Elderly who are being abused in silence by Carers, family members or employees in institutionalised settings, the out of control situation of Homelessness , the high suicidal rate amongst Irish people in which she was deeply disturbed by when she read about an eleven year old child who took her own life as she had been unhappy with her physical appearance for a number of years. This child told her friends on Instagram the day she chose to die. Sarah Louise slammed the government in her presidential candidacy speeches for not getting the psychological help this child needed in her final hours. She also spoke about donating all of her presidential salary to building homes for the Homeless and building Pregnancy Crisis Centres for women who feel pressured into aborting their unborn child due to poverty. Sarah Louise also spoke about her support for the leader of the free world, President Donald J. Trump and said she had no regrets about setting up the website as she admitted President Donald J. Trump has lots of Irish supporters and that includes a silent majority of Irish professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Barristers, Teachers, Gardai and many Politicians whom Sarah Louise has met in person. She also spoke about her recent qualification in Entrepreneurship and the importance of small businesses and enterprise in Ireland.

Having graduated from Saint Patrick’s College, Drumcondra with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Humanities majoring in English and Psychology. She successfully completed her thesis on, ‘Elder Abuse in a Domestic Situation’. Sarah Louise studied many modules such as Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychopathology, Psychotherapy & Counselling.  Sarah Louise is a strong advocate for mental health and physical health. She believes the onus should be on the Government to educate Ireland by introducing a healthy plan to improve Ireland’s mental and physical health as a nation as she is very much into her fitness and maintains the importance of having a healthy, positive, mental attitude and well being.

Sarah Louise Mulligan has been meeting and advising people for many years regarding issues such as Child Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Elder Abuse, Homelessness, Women with Abortion Regret and people with suicidal tendencies.  Many Irish citizens have confided in Sarah Louise in their deep state of desperation. They have expressed their sadness and disappointment in the government for ignoring their plea’s for help and advice on serious matters such as, unsolved murders in Ireland,  the bad behaviour of dysfunctional landlords, custody rights for Fathers and Bullying in the Workplace.

Sarah Louise Mulligan was born in 1982 and raised in the Glasnevin/Beaumont/Drumcondra/Whitehall area of North Dublin.  Sarah Louise attended Our Lady of Victories, Ballymun National School and Saint Fiachra’s National School in Beaumont. She then attended, Our Lady of Mercy, Secondary School in Beaumont. She also attended many third level colleges, Marino College of Further Education,  North Strand Rd, Dublin. Bray Institute Of Further Education, Novara Ave, Bray, Wicklow. Colaiste Diulaigh, Barryscourt Road, Coolock, where she studied TV/ Film/Radio Production. Having dreamt of becoming a Primary School Teacher, Sarah Louise went to Saint Patrick’s College, Dublin City University, Drumcondra Rd Upper, Dublin 9.  Having come from a family of successful entrepreneurs she choose to study Entrepreneurship, Business, Innovation and Enterprise in University College Dublin,  Belfield. Sarah Louise Mulligan is not a member of any political party and will run as an Independent in the Local Election in May 2019.

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