Sarah Louise Mulligan CEO of 🇮🇪☘️🇺🇸Would like to Thank You for 35,000 Views 🎉

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I’m the CEO 👩🏻‍💼 of Irish Who Love President Trump.

This website is going to have a Sexy facelift in the new year. It was set up to show, The Wonderful Prolife President of America, Donald J. Trump that he has the support of the Irish.

However my Prolife friends & I are not impressed with the signing of Abortion into Irish Law by President D. Higgins recently. I can officially say he is not my President & never will be. He has now blood on his hands.

However, We are proud not to have blood on our hands as we proudly voted No, to this horrific barbaric regime, were an unborn child will receive no pain relief whats so ever up to birth whilst it’s butchered in the mother’s womb, as a Yes Voter, did you vote Yes for that? You’d give an Unborn pup pain relief, Yes/No?

I have personal friends who have had abortions in the past and recently and they are suicidal. They ring me alot to tell me that, they deeply regret ending the life of their unborn children. I try my very best to counsel them but I fear they may take their own lives in time because they can’t seem to forgive themselves for giving the Abortionists permission to kill their Unborn. They deeply regret going to England & are very worried about how convenient the Irish government are making it for Irish women to end their pregnancies in January 2019.

Life is so precious and children are a gift.

Abortion is murder. Dress it up what ever way you like,

“Thou Shall Not Murder”.

Wishing you all, A Very Merry Christmas.

🎄 This is a time to celebrate humanity, family and children, it’s not a time to show of as much materialism as you possibly can on social media. The life of the unborn child is way more precious than materialism & new borns need to be celebrated, after all Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ.

Please press on this link to watch a very moving video were a woman admits the deep Abortion Regret she has & how the Irish Media is influencing you to think Abortion is Acceptable

If your thinking about having a Abortion procedure done ✅ in the New Year. Think twice, my fellow Irish female friends, they will NOT tell you about the deep suffering you will carry for the rest of your life.

Stay Safe over the Christmas period, practice safe sex if you don’t want to become pregnant, it’s that simple.

“If you had to Murder to have an unfettered sex-life, would you do it?”.

Have respect for your body, have your morals, love yourself, be kind to your mind & soul, you will never be able to turn back an Abortion, it will haunt you till your dying day.

Lots of Love,

Sarah Louise Mulligan xxx

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