Sarah Louise Mulligan Defends President Trump’s Irish Visit & Pro-Life Issues on the, ‘Nolan Live’, Show BBC.


Sarah Louise Mulligan Ireland’s number one President Trump Supporter went on the, ‘Nolan Live Show’, BBC to defend President Trump’s Irish visit and spoke about Pro-life issues as well as praising the Trump organisation for dropping eight million into the Irish economy and creating over 300 jobs in Doonbeg, Co Clare.

Please press on this link to watch Sarah Louise Mulligan defend President Trump on the, Nolan Live Show, BBC.




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Bernadette Smyth was also on the Nolan Live Show standing up for the rights of the Unborn.



Members of Precious Life stand outside the Supreme Court, 7 June 2018.


Sarah Louise Mulligan peacefully protesting in support for the couple who are calling for action over the Pregnancy termination at National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street.

Please press on this link to read up to date articles on this sad case.


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Jonathan Davis was also defending President Trump on the Nolan Live Show. He is an Economist/Wealth Adviser who advises Private Clients and is the presenter of, The Booms & Busts Podcast which discusses what’s really happening in economics and markets (and politics), not mainstream PC/Cronyist/Socialist bias.

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