Stunning Solo Recording Artist Entrepreneur & Former Pussycat Doll, Kaya Jones Exposes the Truth about the music industry in Hollywood on Infowars.

Watch this powerful exclusive interview with Kaya Jones interviewed by Owen Shroyer

President Trump supporter Kaya Jones tells Owen Shroyer on Infowars that she meant every single word, she tweeted out. She explains her experience in the music industry in detail. This is her first interview after many years which she exposes the reality of being in a girl group. Owen asks Kaya, “what type of people were they making you sleep with? Kaya explains, “that if you didn’t want to sleep with an music executive, managers, agents, or other artists who were on the label”. “If you didn’t want to sleep with an executive, they’d pass you on to the artists on the label or sometimes they would continue to pass the girl around”. She confessed that 90% of the music producers she worked with knew how these girls were being treated in the girl band.

Kaya Jones tweeted this as well as a string of other tweets, “Please Hollywood start telling the truth! Expose the truth! It’s time for a NEW Hollywood. One where art is about original thought not sex”. To Follow Kaya Jones on Twitter: @KayaJones


Harvey Weinstein sexual predatory behaviour has opened the flood gates in Hollywood and now Kaya Jones is willing to tell the truth about her time in the Pussycat Dolls which she calls, “a prostitute ring”, she and the girls,” were put in many situations that weren’t conducive”, many of her fellow girl band members, “took the bait”, but Kaya wasn’t one of them. “Everything was controlled, from the make up on your face, the colour that you used, you were even told who to date, “you had to date someone within the powers of their people and if you dated someone outside of that, you weren’t a team player”.

The media turned their back on Kaya when she tried to reveal the truth about being in the girl band in 2004 and 2005 she explained all that she was going through to her manager. She believes that the media kept things,” Hush, Hush”, because they only wanted to get the best interviews with the most current people. Kaya explains that she wasn’t,” a current person to talk to at the time because she was walking away from the music institution that was number one at the time”. Therefore, the media didn’t want to hear about why Kaya was leaving the Pussycat Dolls.


Kaya Jones will continue to speak out about how she was treated in the girl group. She urges the other girl members to come out & speak the truth. Kaya said,” it is imperative for her to talk about this today because last week she was on stage with Big and Rich & Vegas was attacked, fifty eight people died and Kaya Jones could have been one of them’. Kaya is still healing from the traumatising Vegas massacre, therefore she has nothing to hide in her life. She believes the tragedy that happened in Vegas has made her,” want to attack life”. Hollywood is now ready to discuss what goes on behind the camera, allowing Kaya Jones to vocalise the truth about what really goes on in the music industry having been told to, “Shut Up’, in the past. She is very thankful to all the women who have spoken about Harry Weinstein’s predatory behaviour, including Rose Mc Gown and Mira Sorvino.


Kaya Jones feels grateful that she’s still alive as she was at the Vegas concert when people were gunned down. She believes she’s here to reveal the truth. She was apart of the music industry that covered up things for many years. The girl members of the Pussycat Dolls now have the opportunity to tell the truth as there’s rumours of a reunion. Kaya Jones insists they should tell the truth about what went on behind the cameras & that they should take a leaf out of the other Hollywood actresses book, who are coming forward about what happened to them, whilst they were in Harvey Weinstein’s company.


Lea Seydoux, Emma de Caunes, Gwyneth Paltrow, Asia Argento, Ashley Judd, Cara Delevingne, Rosanna Arquette, Judith Godreche, Angelina Jolie and Rose McGowan. Kaya Jones hopes that her fellow band-members will also expose their Hollywood music horrors.

Kaya Jones says people are starting to listen now, “When it comes to powerful people, People will protect them”. Kaya doesn’t know where she would be if she didn’t have faith. She hopes her fellow band mates will speak up and not to be afraid to tell the truth about how they were being really treated in the girl group, even though she has directly received death threats for speaking up. She was told, “if she doesn’t follow order, that there’s going to be a problem”. Kaya believes, “that for the future generation of women, who want to be singers, they should know what their walking into or there should be at least, a better institution in the music community were we don’t do this to young women, were this isn’t pushed onto young girls”.

Kaya speaks about the, “Innocent people who were gunned down in her hometown Vegas”, she said, “if their going to gun me down”. “I’m going to go out blazing with my truth”.


Written by Sarah Louise Mulligan, Dublin Ireland,

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