Takes a lot to make Friends with the Enemy. In Loving Memory of Martin Mc Guinness.


I always had a rebellious Republican heart.

For those who have offended me

I forgive you.

I never meant to cause any wars or heartache

I just had to stand up for my people.


I fought for innocent lives that were taken away.

I shuck hands with those who unknowinly back stabbed me

They lied to me and left blood on my hands

This made me sad.


I stood proud and changed my way of thinking

To become the voice for those who were silenced and frightened.

I became friends with my enemies

Only because my spirit told me to do so

I can now rest knowing, that my people can live in peace.


Written by Sarah Louise Mulligan  (Tuesday the 21st, March 2017, 19:00 hrs, Dublin, Ireland).





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