The Prolife People of Ireland will Welcome President Trump with Open Arms when he arrives on Irish Soil in June 2019.

8/3/17 Model and Trump Supporter Sarah Louise Mulligan Pic: Marc O'Sullivan

President Trump is very popular amongst the Prolife community of Ireland because he is unapologetically Prolife and Proud. Sarah Louise Mulligan an Irish Presidential 2018 Candidate and CEO of said President Trump automatically won her over when she seen him battling it out with Hillary Clinton over his personal stance on Abortion. Please click on the link.  President Trump & Killary Clinton spar over late-term abortions

According to FoxNews, ” The Trump administration recently announced that it intends to bar taxpayer-funded family planning centers from promoting or perfoming abortions or referring women to other clinics for them — a move that is likely to yank money from groups like Planned Parenthood ”.

” The Department of Health and Human Services announced that the Title X program, a family-planning grant that helps approximately four million women a year, would be subject to a revision of regulations — including one that “prohibits the use of Title X funds to perform, promote, refer for, or support abortion as a method of family planning.”

The Prolife Community of Ireland believe President Trump is a powerful voice for the Unborn therefore he will be welcomed with open arms when he arrives on Irish soil & here’s the evidence.

Please click on the link. President Trump rips New York abortion law at State of the Union

Irish Who Love President Trump Facebook Pages are already preparing and organising a great welcome for the Leader of the Free World’s visit.

Neil O’ Mahony Renua Candidate for (Galway East) ran a Facebook poll today.

A brilliant Irish band called, ‘Non Player Characters’,  have produced an amazing Rock song called, ‘Drain the Swamp’.

Definitely worth a listen. Click on the link. Non Player Characters – Drain the Swamp (Music Video)

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from all, The Irish Who Love President Trump.

Now why not have a listen to, The Truth about the Historical Saint Patrick on, ‘The Catholic Talk Show’.

Please click on this link Episode 27: The Catholic Talk Show for a really educational update on who Saint Patrick was, very enjoyable & informative show, interesting point made about, The Holy Trinity ☘️

Press on this link to read. The Irish Sun article, ‘Meet the Irish President Donald Trump fans 13/08/2018


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