Welcome to Ireland, We were once a country who defended the Unborn now our Corrupt inhumane Government celebrates 12 Million to kill Babies on Irish Soil

This is going to get worse. Were going to be tortured with evil baby killing headlines because the media are in bed with the government and both are licking their lips thinking about how much money they can sell baby parts for?

Ireland is no longer beautiful Ireland, now that we have introduced this baby killing Hitler Regime to our isle. It’s now a story of Good V’s Evil. The Prolife people of Ireland never wanted this & the liberal media are out of control.

Read the Abortion Bill discuss in your household is this bill humane for both mother & child?

Press on this link to read Ireland’s Abortion Bill

Evil is perpetuating more so then ever, the public are being controlled like puppets on a string and only those who are awake see what lies ahead. The people of Ireland will not sit back and allow unborn babies to be thrown around like lumps of meat as if their existence has no relevance or importance to this planet.

The real awakening has just begun, people are angry and in time the citizens of Ireland will march and fight outside the Dail, these scenes won’t be nice. The revolution is here & now you get to decide what side of history you want to remain on?

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