Hi Everybody and Welcome to my new website. To all my friends in Ireland and America, I would like to thank you for all your support and kind words. My main objective is to deliver positive news only about the new President of America, President J. Trump as well as updates on Irish political news. Within the first 50 days in office, President Trump has issued more executive orders than Obama, has approved many key policy changes and he has helped to boost economic growth which will have a positive domino effect on our Irish economy.

Having watched President Trump in the early days in a program called," The Apprentice”. I immediately began admiring his natural leadership skills and passion for nurturing successful businesses.

Having read the, “Art of the Deal”, it was his, “Think Big” attitude that prevented me from putting his book down. Having grown up with positive affirmation books, I will never forget my mother giving me a book called, “Think Big”, she used to always tell me to, “Think Big”, that stayed with me for the rest of my life. If you can visualize your goal and your dream every day you can make it come true. I always admired my Father and my Grandfather’s running their own successful businesses so I always knew I was destined to run my own business. I completed a, “Start your own business course”, with FAS in Baldoyle years ago having learnt about bookkeeping and how to employ good staff. I soon realized that in order to have a successful business, I had to speculate to accumulate. Money was hard to come by as I was a student for seven years in four different colleges and it was rather difficult to pay rent, pay bills, feed and clothe myself, it literally became a balancing act on such a low income. In order for me to start a new business, I was told I’d lose my rent supplement. So if I couldn’t afford to keep a roof over my head so how on earth could I start my own business? So the dream of running my own business was doomed. Unlike President Trump, I didn’t have the privilege of inheriting a fortune so I constantly had to use my singing and acting talent.

I watched America from a far and I always admired President Trump’s work ethic. So I decided to go back to university as a mature student and study Humanities. I loved the world of academia and I knew future employers would have to start taking me seriously with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Humanities, specializing in English and Psychology. I learnt about passionate writers and psychologists and what gave them the drive to succeed and deliver the truth about humanity. Having completed my university degree, I decided it was time to take time out for myself, I needed a break. I always knew I had a passion for politics so I became engrossed watching President Trump and Hillary Clinton battle it out for the presidential election. I was hooked, it became an addiction and I would stay up till all hours of the morning watching the entertaining rallies. I simply couldn’t get enough of Fox News. I enjoyed watching President Trump speaking his mind, his charismatic bold attitude of winning and his passion to make America great again.

Having come from a teacher training university with past alumni Enda Kenny, Michael Noonan and Pat Carey never did I believe I would carve out a career in politics, it must have been in the St. Patricks College D.C.U. water that gave me this interest. I often wished our own politicians were as passionate & entertaining to watch like President Trump but I soon learnt the difference between Irish and American politics, taking into account that President Donald Trump doesn’t consume alcohol, having lost his late brother to alcoholism. A man in power who doesn’t drink alcohol and keep’s his word, now that’s to be admired.

I grew up listening to my family members talking about different politicians over the years such as Drumcondra man, Bertie Ahern. I always admired the late Charlie Haughey for introducing free travel for the elderly, a scheme which was introduced in April 1967 and to this day it still has a huge positive impact on the financial and social lives of the elderly as well as The Artists Tax Exemption Scheme which was introduced in 1969. This unique scheme allowed earnings made by artists from the sale of original and creative works to be exempt from income tax. It applied to visual arts, composers of music and writers in Ireland. So I knew my calling in life was to become the young voice for Irish people both politically and artistically, had I ever been given a chance to become an Irish politician. I would put elder abuse in both a domestic situation and a care home environment top of my political agenda. Having spoken to my close friends in America, elder abuse is also an epidemic that’s out of control so hopefully, I can change the system and cause an awareness as this is very close to my heart having completed a thesis called, “Elder Abuse in a Domestic Situation”.  I have been researching this subject since the tender age of nineteen having had a very close relationship with both grandparents on both my mothers and fathers side. I even wrote, produced, directed and acted in my own short film called, “Granny Basher”, which highlighted elder abuse in a domestic situation. So as well as having a great love for humanity, I have a great love for the arts also, therefore I would fight for more performing art workshops throughout the country.

There are many reasons why I’m delighted that President J. Trump is the President of America. He has vowed to help female entrepreneurs set up their own businesses making sure that they have enough to live on so that they can pursue their dreams of becoming their own bosses. The list is endless why this seventy-year-old man deserves to be in The White House, it’s quite simple he doesn’t follow the herd mentality, he has his own mind and won’t be pushed around by anyone. This is the main reason why the media put him down because they know he’s actually going to cause a dramatic change so no more living in the Stone Age, that’s what the herd mentality fear, they fear change and in time the Democrats will acknowledge the goodness this new President has to offer. Sit back and give President Donald J. Trump a chance it’s still early days. Look at his stamina, energy levels and his zero tolerance attitude to negative bias media. He uses the powerful language of winning by speaking his mind and he actually says what he’s going to do. If only some Irish politicians followed suit our own health care system would function more smoothly and all those who waiting patiently for operations and pain relief would be seen to immediately. It’s a human right to receive medical care and it’s a public outcry to put human beings on waiting lists for years. New management needs to be brought in immediately to stop this dysfunctional system and whistle-blowers need to be listened to, taken seriously and protected.

The President of America was voted in by the majority of American people and deserves to be respected, not ridiculed to hatred by the media as for the days of empty promises has now come to an end. For the Irish, Irish-Americans and the American’s were fighting back, we refuse to be silenced, judged or ridiculed for having a different political opinion. President Donald J. Trump has the support of the Irish people and this new website will prove it.