Www.irishwholovePresidentTrump.com 🎉Celebrates🎉30,000 views

CEO and Creator of the website, Irish Who Love President Trump.com, Sarah Louise Mulligan hopes that her website will reach over one million views this time next year.

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Originally when the Dublin native set up the website, she wondered how it would be received around the world? It’s has already gathered momentum as many President Trump Supporters from all over the world have reached out to her. Most recently the owner of, ‘The Trump Arms’, in London invited Sarah Louise over to see the famous bar. She will eventually join many Londoner’s who also support President Trump and will make arrangements soon to attend his latest electrifying Rally in America.


Sarah Louise explains that she has no regrets what’s so ever about setting up the website, she was very busy completing her Masters in Entrepreneurship recently and would have liken to publish more articles at the time but now she has more time on her hands to improve the website in the coming months, making it more interactive. She explains,” If anything this website has helped me gain new long lasting friendships, business contacts including both millionaires and billionaires lots of Doctors, Barristers & lots of professionals have come my way because of my support for President Trump”. So with a wide happy cheeky smile across her face, she says, “I ain’t complaining”. “I hope new website developers will get in touch because I want to spruce up the website, I’m looking for new writers who have a passion for President Trump”, “I have so many new ideas as I want to create a strong bond between Irish and American Trump supporters”. “President Trump has changed my life in so many ways”. “He has helped me to understand Irish politics because I’m constantly watching American politics and comparing it to Irish politics”. “It really is fascinating and very intriguing, way more interesting than the world of show business”, which she has put behind her after her Presidential Candidacy Run.

“It was President Trump, the Free Leader of the World who inspired me to run as a Presidential Candidate which I hope to write a book about soon”. “I think it’s important to inspire Irish people to run, “anyone can be, ‘The President of Ireland’ & you don’t need to be politically affiliated and President Trump is living proof of that”.


“I was very close to receiving two nominations in both Mayo and Kildare so that has given me a real taste for the political world which is far more interesting and educational than my background in the arts”. “I never thought the day, “I’d fall in love with Politics but it controls everything, even how much we earn”. “So at the end of the day, young people need a young exciting face to update them on how our beautiful country is doing agriculturally, economically and socially, no better person to do it than, Ireland’s Number one President Trump supporter”. “I love the way President Trump carries himself and delivers speeches all around America, he really knows how to get the crowd going his energy levels and stamina excites me the most”. “I said from the beginning, he is a people’s person and a natural born performer who has done so much goodness for humanity ever before he became, ‘The President of the United States’. “Look how much he has succeeded, he hasn’t done any harm unlike what the Liberals predicted”. “I knew he was going to win the election, his Prolife stance won me over immediately”. He will do all he can to successfully defund Planned Parenthood unlike our own President D. Higgins who recently signed Abortion into Law”.

“Remembering that over 3/4 of Ireland did not vote for the murder of Irish babies on Irish soil”. “We are not a Liberal country, we have just been hijacked by a Liberal Regime & Liberal ‘Media who were planted to ruin our beautiful country and there will be a very serious backlash soon”. “Mark my words”. “The true humanitarian’s will soon show their faces”.


“The most important part about running this website which is nearly two years old is keeping both Ireland & America connected”. “We must not forget about the undocumented people living in America”, this is paramount that they realise that Ireland is still holding on to her conservative roots and will not be taken over by the Liberal Regime. Irish Who Love President Trump promises to keep the Irish living in the USA updated on both Irish & American news”.


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