Your feet will touch Irish Soil Ibrahim Halawa again. We will make sure of that.

Putting all politics aside Ibrahim Halawa may no longer be with us anymore. That is the harsh reality of this cruel situation. Life is precious, no matter where your political stance lies. I remember visiting Amnesty International in Dublin. I was working on a psychology project for my Humanities degree back in 2013. I sat in on a beautiful speech that moved me about Ibrahim Halawa. I began taking notes and I couldn’t help but feel very sad for a young Dublin born man who should be living his young life but instead he’s imprisoned for a peaceful protest. I tried to make sense of this, having listened carefully to the case that Amnesty International had put forward and the fact that Ibrahim hadn’t been found guilty. I wondered to myself why hasn’t he been released? Four years later he is deteriorating slowly but surely and it’s like were back stuck in the middle ages. Where living in a time where human life is no longer seen as a gift and one must be punished and suffer unnecessarily for having a voice.

Then to be told from your prison cell that your trial has been adjourned for the 20th time which is pure and utter ludicrous. Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD said recently, “the Irish government must intensify its efforts to secure the release of Irishman Ibrahim Halawa”. Having lost his dear friend Martin Mc Guinness recently, who cemented the Northern Ireland Peace Process, would also agree with Gerry that this cruel treatment is not humane and would demand that Ibrahim is released as soon as possible.  No political prisoner deserves to be treated like this. There are many Irish politicians who have tried to remedy this situation,  Darragh O’ Brien,  (Fianna Fáil), Colm Brophy (Fine Gael), Brendan Howlin (Labour), Paul Murphy (AAA-PBP), Eoin Ó Broin (Sinn Féin), Eamon Ryan (Green Party) and Noel Grealish (Rural Independent Group). They visited Ibrahim in Wadi el- Natrun prison, he told tell all, “I WANT TO go home”.

Ibrahim Halawa, We the Irish people want you to come home alive and safe. As a nation we will come together and do all we can so that your precious feet touch Irish soil again forever.

By Sarah Louise Mulligan 12:00 Saturday 25th of March 2017.







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